Faith.Hope.Life National Week-end of Prayer

Serving Those in Need, Worship Study Prayer

Dear Friends in Christ,

I’ve recently joined the Faith Communities Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and urge you to participate in our Faith.Hope.Life Initiative.  In connection with World Suicide Prevention Day on Sunday, September 9, 2018, we are inviting individuals and faith communities to participate in a National Week-end of Prayer for Faith, Hope & Life from September 7-9, 2018 – a national opportunity to pray for those whose lives have been touched  by suicide.

I hope that all of you will take a look at the resources on the website.   Many of the liturgies and prayers focus on mental health issues and encourage hope and life, many of the materials can be made available on resource tables, and everything can be adapted to your community.  The resources can be used for a service, a speaker’s event, a class, or simply as handouts in appropriate locations.

PLUS! Congregations can focus on the Faith.Hope.Life initiative anytime in September, National Suicide Prevention Month, if the “official” designated week-end doesn’t work for you.   I hope that every congregation will consider signing on to participate in whatever way works for the them! There’s a pledge button on the website – please make use of it!

If I can be of any help as a resource person or speaker, please let me know!


Rev. Robin Craig

Independence Presbyterian Church

Countdown to G.A.

General Assembly

Gateway Arch

Your Presbytery Office and Commissioners are almost ready to go!

  • We’ve been reading overtures and rationales pro and con.
  • We’ve been talking to our more experienced colleagues about how GA works.
  • We’ve updated our smartphone apps.
  • We’ve been impressed by the prediction for temperatures in the 90s for the entire week.
  • Three friends from the Cleveland Jewish community came to meet with us to communicate their views on the several overtures related to Israel and Palestine.
  • We either traveled to Pittsburgh or stayed home in Cleveland for the webinar version to learn more about the proposal to increase per capita, from the PC(USA) Stated Clerk J. Herbert Nelson and our own Tricia Dykers-Koenig, now the PC(USA) Associate Director for Mid-Council Relations.
  • And some of us may have preached on Sunday about what it means to be a connectional church.

We are excited to see and hear what the Holy Spirit is doing in the PC(USA)!  Please check this blog for our updates!

Meet Robin Craig, Commissioner to General Assembly

General Assembly


Hi Everyone,

My name is Robin Craig, I’m the Covenant Pastor of Independence Presbyterian Church, and I’m going to General Assembly as a teaching elder commissioner!  This is my first time at General Assembly (other than attending the Opening Day when it was held in Pittsburgh), so I am both excited and more than a bit bewildered as I try to familiarize myself with overtures, background, and General Assembly in general.  I’m assigned to the GA Procedures Committee — but I don’t really know what that is — and today I received the name of my roommate — and I don’t know who she is.  I’m pretty sure that what all this “welcome to the unknown” means is that a week of Holy Spirit activity and adventure lies before us all.

As a pastor, my favorite activities include preaching, teaching, developing creative liturgy, music (planning and listening, not performing!), and conversations about everything.  These days I am facilitating adult Sunday School discussions about General Assembly ~ we are all learning together.  So far we’ve discussed General Assembly overall, and one of the environmental overtures (in honor of Earth Day).  I don’t know yet what next Sunday will bring.

A bit of personal information: My husband, David Williams and I, have lived in Cleveland Heights for 42 years (is that even possible?).   Our adult children, Matt (a lawyer) and Marissa (a non-profit manager), live in Lakewood.  I am a third-career pastor, ordained at Forest Hill Church in 2011.   I teach as an adjunct at John Carroll University, I’m a certified spiritual director, and my other interests include mental health and suicide prevention, photography, and anything outdoors and nature-related.  I blog at ~ though I have been exceedingly lazy about that of late.

I hope that we are all about to make a huge leap into our participation in the call of Jesus!